Learning Academy

Welcome to the course offerings available to your associates through the Financial Resources Learning Academy. Designed to encourage and support personal development in the workforce, these seminars are available at no cost but purely as a benefit for employees.

Employees are often asked to keep up with the rapid changes in their work places by attending seminars and conferences relating to their field of expertise. These opportunities are "part of the job or career."

The Learning Academy courses are designed for personal, financial growth and are perceived as a "benefit" and an "opportunity." Courses are held on-site for the employee's convenience and on occasion, are held at our facilities so that family members may attend seminars as well. 

We have designed interesting and topical course content that will appeal to your employees and to their families. Your employees will enjoy the way our CFS* Registered Representatives present the materials. Click here to access the Course Catalog.

Complete the registration then contact your local Branch Representative to schedule a seminar presentation.

We will call you to set-up an appointment so we can choose the date and time for the seminar. We will then provide materials you can use to promote the event at your location.