Debit & ATM Cards

Debit Cards

Make purchases without a credit card or checkbook. The MasterCard debit card with EMV chip technology lets you pay for purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. There are no monthly fees* and you don't have to write a check or show identification. Funds are withdrawn from your checking account so your purchase transactions are shown on your monthly statement.

Use it like an ATM card where Maestro®, MasterCard®Allpoint® and Plus® are displayed.

To activate your card or change your PIN, call 1.800.448.8268.


MasterCard Debit Card Benefits


Debit Card Protection

In our ongoing efforts to protect our members from Debit card fraud, we may require you to use your PIN when performing certain transactions at major retailers. The PIN provides an extra layer of security when using your Debit card, and allows us to better determine whether a transaction is legitimate or fraudulent. If you have any questions regarding these requirements please contact us at 800-933-3280.

ATM Cards

If you prefer, a regular ATM card is available to access your funds through a checking, savings or money market account from automatic teller machines throughout the world.

Our Routing Number: 221278420

* Monthly Fee for cards that have no activity for a continuous six (6) month period